Enjoy a relaxing break at the Sternbräu.

The Sternbräu - a total artwork

The Sternbräu surprises with a spectacular ambience, a delicious new “SternBier” and a sophisticated Austrian cuisine.



We stand for a gastronomic variety under one roof. During the last decades the Sternbräu changed from being “just” a brewing restaurant into an entire “Gastronomic World” with numerous different pubs, restaurants and bars. Now, in a third stage of development, some of these pubs themselves are flexible and can be combined to several different venue types in one room. So we are able to respond to all individual needs of our guests.

With over one hundred employees from more than 20 nations we live for multiculturalism with tolerance, and intercultural fun at work. Despite all internationality we are fully dedicated to Salzburg’s culinary tradition!

The Sternbräu surprises with a spectacular ambience, a delicious new SternBier and a sophisticated Austrian cuisine. Do you know who our fans and regulars are these days? Angela Merkel, Anthony Hopkins, Bülent Ceylan, David Hasselhoff, Mario Barth and many other VIPs eat at the Sternbräu, whenever they are in Salzburg.

With about 780 seats, 670 outdoor seats, and over 130 employees from 20 nations, the Sternbräu is one of Austria’s largest and best-know restaurants.

The Sternbräu has always been a place of changes, and so we always keep tradition in mind while glancing into the future. We love the tradition of our house, but nevertheless we go new ways, as the trendy “SternLounge” and “SternZeit” venues prove.

We definitely look beyond the rim of the tea cup with all our business decisions. There is no need to say that our food and beverages are of top quality with fast and competent service. But especially in today’s day and age it is all about that certain something, the added value off the rim of a tea cup. Every day we try to provide that to our guests.

We try, as far as it is possible for a large business, to work with fair produced and traded products as well as to engage regional suppliers.

Our values as employer: content employees are the cornerstones of a successful business. The Sternbräu represents the philosophy of a suitable work balance and stands for traditional values combined with progressive modern thinking. Qualified employees get ample chances to develop within the business. They are both challenged and promoted equally.

Since nearly 500 years

The exciting history of the Sternbräu

history Sternbräu

The Birth.

The exact date of birth is hidden in the dark, as it is quite often the case with historical buildings. Presumably the chronic of our house reaches back till the middle ages.

It is ensured that many small breweries existed in the city of Salzburg during the 16th century. The name “Sternbräu” as a brewery with enclosed restaurant was first mentioned in 1542. For this reason we write “Since 1542”, although the history of our house probably dates back even longer.

The star as a guild sign for breweries was first mentioned in 1425. Up to today one can see this guild sign especially at Franconian breweries in Germany. The star as a distinctive symbol for our Sternbräu originates from this centuries-old tradition.

The Childhood.

None other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has spent many hours in the Sternbräu, mainly in 1777. In 1810 the restaurant was named “Goldener Stern”. In 1929 or a few years earlier the large-scale wall paintings of the artist Karl Reisenbichler (1885-1962) from Upper Austria-Salzburg were created. For those paintings, some sources say, Karl Reisenbichler got board and lodge in the Sternbräu instead of payment. The paintings can still be admired in the renovated Bürgersaal today. In Salzburg-Wiki of the “Salzburger Nachrichten” the special meaning of these pictures can be read:

The “Bürgerstube” of the Salzburger Sternbräu reflects the history of the city’s civic culture. Who looks at the large-scale picture cycle of the painter Karl Reisenbichler of 1924 (some paintings are dated 1929, note Sternbräu), can read about the history of the archdiocese Salzburg like in an open picture-book. During the economically difficult interwar period the painter Karl Reisenbichler was given the task to create a wall covering oil painting cycle for Sternbräu’s newly build “Bürgersaal”. For board and lodge he painted eight historical paintings, showing the peasants’ revolt, the “Salzburger Dult”, the move of the merchants over the Radstätter Tauern, and the burning of a witch at the Kapuzinerberg.”

history Sternbräu
history Sternbräu

The Youth.

In 1907 the brewery was relocated to the urban district Riedenburg, behind the Neutor. Between 1929 and 1931 the company – which then was bought by the Austrian Brau-AG – has developed into a large inn. 1956 the last bottle Sternbier was produced in the Riedenburg. Today there are luxury apartments.

Early Adulthood.

Until the end of the seventies various innkeepers of the large inn Sternbräu looked after the gastronomical well-being of their guests. In 1979 a new phase of expansion started: the opening of the “Braumeister”, Salzburg’s first beer pub. Between 1986 and 1988 extensive conversion works were done. The beer garden “Stern” got a new face and the “Trattoria La Stella” opened.

In the year 2000 the newly adapted “Sternsaal” developed into a popular culture- and event location in the old city of Salzburg with various theatre and cabaret performances, and the well-known “Sound of Salzburg Dinner Show”. In 2006 Mag. Harald Kratzer took over the traditional company Sternbräu. In 2007 completely new target groups were addressed when opening the “Abendstern” bar. Since 2008 – after a break of 52 years – the “Sternbräu has its own specially produced Sternbier again.

history Sternbräu
history Sternbräu

Expansion and Family Formation.

2010 the Salzburg Immobilien Bauträger AG became the new owner and started, together with the operators, further expanding. 2011 the “Gwölb an der alten Stadtmauer” emerged at the ground floor.

At the beginning of 2013 the largest renovating phase in the history of the Sternbräu began. It was going to be the venture between contemporary architecture and keeping the tradition-steeped and partly landmark-protected rooms. During that time the operator took over the Gabler Bräu in the Linzergasse (right side of the old city) as subsidiary, yet being another traditional house.

On 1st of October 2014 the Sternbräu reopened after 22 months conversion time with a big and festive opening. A new urban center emerged, with various gastronomical offers for all target groups. The historic city of Salzburg, for many people the world’s most beautiful shopping mall, was enriched by an innovative gastronomical heart.

And the Sternbräu got children: “SternLounge”, “SternZeit”, the Trattoria “La Stella” and the “Stern” beer garden became venues with their own positioning and appearance.