Tradition and Modernity

The Sternbräu - a salzburg success history since 1542.


Experience a relaxing break in the Sternbräu.

This "Stern" shines brighter than ever!

The Sternbräu surprises with spectacular ambience, a delicious new SternBier and sophisticated Austrian cuisine.

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The Sternbräu is a “total work of art” consisting of contemporary architecture and components that are over 100 years old, Austrian cuisine with Pfiff, the new Salzburg “Sternbier” and much more …

We look forward to cozy hours with Salzburg delicacies, barley juice and fine wines in our newly renovated, stylish rooms and halls. Our kitchen is managed by the “Schrannenkoch” Michael Pratter, who is well known in Salzburg. And after 65 years there is again our specially brewed Sternbier, a special naturally cloudy specialty.

The Sternbräu – a Salzburg success story since 1542.

Your Sternbräu team with host Harald Kratzer

This gift voucher makes everyone shine brighter


This gift voucher makes everyone shine brighter


Our Sternbräu photo gallery

As is well known, pictures say more than words.
So here we are showing a few insights from the heart of Salzburg.

Two halls, five rooms, three guest gardens and four trend locations

Hospitality based on tradition

A look back at the history of our house.


As it is always the challenge with historical buildings you cannot date the birth back for one hundred percent.

Presumably the chronic of the house can be dated back to the Medieval Times. Anyway it is certain that there were many small breweries in the city of Salzburg in the 16th century

The name “Sternbräu” as a brewery with restaurant is first mentioned in 1542. For this reason we write “Since 1542”, although the history of our house probably dates back even longer. The star as a guild sign of breweries was first mentioned in 1425. You can still see this guild sign nowadays especially at Franconia breweries in Germany.

Always worth a visit.

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