Sternbräu’s many faces

Seating Areas & Beer Garden – An incredible variety in the heart of Salzburg's old city.

You can choose between two halls, five lounges, three pub gardens and four new trendy venues and find the most appropriate one for you. Enjoy a discovery tour through all our eleven venues.

In 2014 our house has been completely renovated and furnished meeting the latest standards: nine of elven rooms are barrier-free, only the “Festungssaal” and the “Turmstube” on the first floor are accessible only by stairs. We do have the latest multimedia technologies: eight multimedia screens, which can be hidden behind wooden slipcases, and five magic mirrors are just a few innovations.

You even can experience impressive art: like the oil paintings from Karl Reisenbichler at the “Bürgersaal”, paintings from Louis Hofbauer at the “Braumeisterstube” or photographs from the photo-pioneer Dr. Karl Kaser at the first floor.

With approximately 1,300 indoor and outdoor seats, the Sternbräu is one of the largest restaurants of its kind in Austria. And yet it is full of individual niches providing a cozy atmosphere.

Our regulars have already found their favorite spot in the new Sternbräu. Come in and feel at home!

Our ground level


97 seats

MYSTICAL & MAJESTICAL. Dining here feels a bit like sitting at a knight’s table. This room – mostly painted in brown and red hues – is about 100 years old, but spruced-up in 2014. It’s one of our most popular rooms. The legendary Bürgersaal would be nothing…

...without the mystical-dark paintings by the Austrian painter Karl Reisenbichler. Created around 1924, the paintings showing motives from Salzburg between 1500 and 1600 cause a bit of a spooky castle atmosphere in the Sternbräu. The new interior thrives entirely on coziness which is also exuded by the striking wooden ceiling. This is a place where locals, families and tourists particularly enjoy eating. And what is recently written in front of our Bürgersaal, above the new Sternbräu armorial bearings?


87 seats

TRADITIONAL & DOWN-TO-EARTH. A genuine beer lounge, you won’t find anything cozier in Salzburg. This lounge breathes Salzburg’s traditional beer culture. Even the paintings have only one topic: the “barley juice”. Here you sit together and enjoy one or two…

...mugs of our Stern beer. Even those in hurry are welcome for a quick lunch. Especially in the evening one or two "Stammtische" enjoy hops and malts. The beautiful wood paneling and a cozy tiled stove invite you to stay.

Start counting how many Sternbräu stars you can find in this room!


54 seats, 22 places at the bar

TRENDY & DIFFERENT. Already from the outside it’s an eye-catcher. It is stylish & cozy, with its prominent lamps, striking wood ceiling, and cozy leather sofas. Breakfast is served from 9 a.m., including specials as the “Lounge-Breakfast”. 

There is a lot of enthusiasm for our new cuisine line, the “Salzburg Tapas”: delicious, small portions, varying seasonally. The clientele: as colorful as life. Business meeting, scene haunts, tourist place. The quick coffee or the three course gourmet set menu. Almost anything is possible in the SternLounge. A venue that is also popular for all kinds of upscale events.

See our special SternLounge food and beverage menu!


64 seats, 7 places at the bar

AMBIVALENT & SMART. May we present? The “SternZeit” is the chameleon of the new Sternbräu. This restaurant is always changing its character, atmosphere, and lighting. The room is constantly redefining itself. In our SternZeit you can feel…

...Sternbräu’s diversity more than in any other areas of the house. It may look as a normal parlor, but the light design, the eye-catching “bottle lamps” hanging from the ceiling, large-scale photos and modern wall paintings give it a youthful, easy-going touch. Oak wood and a tiled stove create an alpine flair. One of those places you must have seen!

The SternZeit is our „Day & Night Bar & Lounge”. This means: Open daily until 2 o’clock in the morning. A new vibrant trendy place in town, searching for its equals in a venerable brewery!

Our first floor


maximum 64 seats

MODERN & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. The “Festungssaal” is our counterpoint to the “Bürgersaal”, being our modern all-rounder: made for presentations, shows and art. Here famous shows such as the “Sound of Salzburg Dinner Show” and performances of the Salzburg theater group “caravan” are held.

The Festungssaal is equipped with state-of-the art event technology. When needed it can be expanded by the Turmstube (than up to 74 seats).


maximum 38 seats

Sternbräu Bierstube

RURAL & BEERY. Wood meets tiled stove. Pure alpine snugness: although it looks like the restaurant of an upscale country hotel, you are in the middle of Salzburg’s old town. It’s not called “Bierstube” for nothing!Here you can tap your own beer at…

...the self-service bar. The Bierstube is especially popular for smaller groups, enyoing set menus. You will be amazed by the coziness of this place. This area can be hired exclusively. A room almost completely made of wood also fascinates with a sophisticated lighting design. This venue is also equipped with a multimedia screen.


maximum 120 seats

Sternbräu Sterngalerie

OPEN & Wide. The “big brother” of the “SternLounge” is our “SternGalerie” on the first floor. Here you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the “SternLounge” combined with architectural airiness soaring into the sky. The SternGalerie is the largest venue… the house. This is a place for larger groups, and when needed, as it is the case at the "Jazz & the City" festival, the SternGalerie changes into the perfect setting for concerts. And when there is "full house" in the Sternbräu and our ground floor is fully booked our guests can enjoy our à-la-carte service in the SternGalerie. The food will be brought up with its own food elevator and additionally we set up a second kitchen on the first floor.


maximum 24 seats

Sternbräu Atrium

EXCLUSIVE & FIERY. This is an exclusive open space on the first floor. Ideal for sunbathing over Salzburg’s roofs in summer. Or you enjoy the cozy fireplace in the middle of winter. Our “Atrium” is a special outdoor area for…

...a get-together prior or during events. Here it is all about: aerate; breathe. The high chairs and tables give you an outdoor bar feeling.


maximum 12 seats

Sternbräu Turmstube

INTIMATE & INTERESTING. It is the ideal place for intimate business lunches or smaller meetings. The name “Turmstube” shall remind of an ancient fortified tower dated back to 1480. During the renovations from 2012 – 2014 the foundation was uncovered.

This room also works as extension to the Festungssaal. This venue is also equipped with a particularly large multimedia screen. It is thus perfectly suited for presentations, soccer broadcasts or similar. It has a cozy atmosphere due to candle holders and wooden paneling.


maximum 52 seats

Sternbräu Jedermannstube

SOCIABLE & DISCREET. The many photographs of various “Salzburger Jedermann” performances create an underlying artistic sentiment. The “Jedermannstube” itself is kept remarkably functional for the new Sternbräu.

This venue is often booked for all kinds of larger meetings. Here various clubs from Salzburg meet; like the Lions Clubs Hohensalzburg does regularly. The “Jedermannstube” is also suitable for celebrations and groups of all sorts. And actually we don’t have to mention it anymore: after the renovation everything has been spruced-up and got a completely new interior design!


maximum 18 seats

Sternbräu Jagdstube

FRAGRANT & ALPINE. Swiss pine meets deer antlers. This room seems to be taken from a picture book. It has this special transposition of traditional flair in the new Sternbräu. Nothing else in the Sternbräu has a better fragrant – apart from the thousand scents from the kitchen.

The Jagdstube is entirely made of Swiss pine, and this alone makes it particularly attractive. In the pictures and curtains you find lots of hunting and nature motives. This room is perfect for your family reunion, your graduation party or your exclusive wedding dinner – best at some long table. You will be enchanted by the special charm of our Jagdstube: the ambience is rustic with the deer antlers on the lampshades, but is also classy and extraordinary.

Kids Corner


Sternbräu Kids Corner

PLAYFUL & INTERACTIVE. This is a very special playroom for kids. Latest technology, child-oriented deployed. The younger ones have fun with play- and painting terminals on the wall – interactive endless fun is guaranteed. Puzzle games and a labyrinth-table are real hits…

...for the kids. The children sit on comfortable seating cubes. Especially for boys: our soccer table or our clip-clap table. And in the corner we have a large “construction site” with Lego blocks. Families dining at the Sternbräu appreciate it: this children's room is something of a luxury. But, dear children: first, please eat up, and then go playing ;- ).

Our beer gardens


approx. 416 seats

Sternbräu Arkadengarten

AIRY & RELAXING. “Oh Well”! Sternbräu connoisseurs appreciate it; newcomers quickly learn to love it: our courtyard, probably the prototype of a typical “Salzburger Gastgarten”. Surrounded by arcades, it is the largest “Gastgarten” in the center of Salzburg.

Old chestnut trees provide plenty of shady places. The trees are spectacularly illuminated in the evening. Happy breathing!

In the summer months it’s bustling here. Nevertheless, all are relaxed – because it's just so comfy. The arcades are even usable during the colder months because they are heated then. Stairs lead from the “Arkadengarten” to the Kids Corner for the smaller guests.

During advent it hosts the beautiful SternAdvent with lots of crafts, customs, and Stern-goodies.

SternLounge Beer Garden

approx. 50 seats

Sternbräu SternLounge Garten

VIBRANT & EXCITING. The outside life of our “SternLounge”: a modern beer-garden with plenty of sunshine and the tickling morning sun. Here our SternLounge breakfast and the Salzburg tapas taste particularly well on the fresh air.

On summer days, the glass front of our SternLounge will be opened and creates an outdoor & indoor architectural unit.

Aesthetically stimulating “water games” directly in front of the beer garden – ground water bubbles and a large fountain are wellness for the soul and for the eye.

A place of seeing and being seen. But also a place to close your eyes, breathe deeply and let the sun shine on your face. Of course we also have large parasols for shade-lovers.


approx. 225 seats

Sternbräu Stern-Biergarten

JUST COZY. This is a lovely beer garden in our completely new designed courtyard setting new accents, placed between our “Sternbräu” and the “Trattoria La Stella”. It’s for sun lovers and friends of shady beer gardens likewise. Under old chestnut trees tastes…

...the Sternbier, the knuckle of pork, the pretzel dumpling salad or the legendary pork roast roll just great. All dishes and drinks are available at the adjacent Stern-Stöckl. The entire Stern beer garden is self-service.

All through summer you can savor “water games” with ground water bubbles and an all evening spectacular light staging. A beer garden where traditional comfort and modern lifestyle was realised as symbiosis.

Out of season artistic events, in winter stage for the atmospheric SternAdvent with its larch huts. Our tip-off for kids: the colorful painted “Sternbräu-Cows”!




Sternbräu Stern-Stöckl

MODERN & TRADITIONAL. This is the self-service area of our beer garden. The building has the latest glass design, and is landmark-protected. This is unique in the old city of Salzburg. Built up on baroque building structure with a column made of conglomerate…

...dated 1750, it has Salzburg’s most modern beer garden self-service. During the rebuilding works significant archeological finds from the 18th century were unearthed. That is why our Stöckl is landmark-protected.

Cheers and Enjoy!