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Our kitchen philosophy

Traditional “time-honored” treats such as “Krenfleisch” or “Fiakergulasch” meet house specialties including “Sternbräu Bratwurst” from our own recipe or “Salzburger Nockerl“ for one. Our cooking philosophy is influenced by the claim of haut cuisine and modern interpretation. The price-performance ratio shall meet any budget.

Enjoy your meal!

Beer brewing tradition

The “Sternbier” – A Success Story

After more than 60 years we have our own “Sternbier” again. With the color of amber, a naturally cloudy beer, exclusively brewed for the Sternbräu in the specialties manufactory Hofbräu Kaltenhausen.

From 1411 onwards, the Sternbräu was one of more than a dozen breweries in Salzburg’s old town. In 1907 the brewery was relocated to the Riedenburg district behind the Neutor. In 1911 the Sternbrauerei had the second highest beer production in Salzburg after Stiegl. In 1956 the last bottle of the then popular Sternbier was produced in the “Sternbrauerei” in Riedenburg and the brewery was closed; today there are luxury apartments. After 58 years, a new “Stern” beer was created in 2014 after the major renovation in Kaltenhausen. Poured in its own Stern beer glasses, it has been the beer hit in the Sternbräu ever since.

In the “SternLounge” we also offer our guests a beer aperitif – beer, Campari, lemon slice – with our own Stern beer.

Because it is important to us!

Our regional producers and suppliers

We attach great importance to best regional quality and obtain our goods from the following regional producers and suppliers:

Meat and sausages are delivered by the butcher Renner in Salzburg Maxglan as well as by the traditional producer Holnburger in Miesbach in Bavaria.

We get our lamb meat from “Tauernlamm” in Taxenbach, directly from the National Park Hohe Tauern.

Our food wholesalers are the ADEG wholesale store in Bergheim and Öller Brandstätter in Seekirchen am Wallersee.

Many cheese varieties are from the Mattigtaler dairy farm in Seekirchen am Wallersee.

Our bread and pastry is baked by the local patisserie Essl.

Freshly harvested vegetables, salads, and fruits are delivered by the vegetable farmer Roider in Salzburg-Wals and from “Früchte” Maier in Piding (Bavaria).

We obtain all our draft beers from the large beer range of the Brauunion Österreich, our bottled beer from the local Stiegl brewery and from the Salzburger Weißbierbrauerei. Our Sternbier is exclusively brewed for us by the specialty manufactory Kaltenhausen.

Local wines are supplied by Döllerers Weinhandelshaus in Kuchl.

Our spirits are from the distillery Guglhof in Hallein.

Coffee specialties are from the company Meinl.